PAC instruments have been proven superior in a wide variety of applications. They  ensure your end product meets specifications and you achieve your profitability goals.

Viscosity and density of asphalt can vary significantly during processing. PAC viscometers determine the quality of asphalt products per the specs suitable for each region.

Coatings, paints and inks are complex fluids that must be formulated and used within strict parameters to achieve the desired film weight, thickness and image characteristics. For these fluids, the proper management is a key requirement to consistently delivering the desired end product quality, maintain smooth-running equipment, and optimize material use.

Fuel viscosity must be tightly controlled in order to control fuel atomization, and thus burn efficiency and emissions.

Antek pioneered total sulfur and total nitrogen analysis utilizing pyro-fluorescence and pyro-chemiluminescence technology.

Oil degradation leads to higher operating costs and provides important early warnings of problems that can lead to premature and potentially catastrophic equipment failures. PAC process viscometers successfully detect, measure, and monitor viscosity changes in real time, enabling operators to take corrective action to preserve the quality of the end product.

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